Macau Work in Progress Videos

Forbes Conrad filmed three videos chronicling the production of the book Macau: Work in Progress:

First, this interview with David Hartung discusses the publication process and shows scenes from the Hong Kong printing factory and Dongguan, China book bindery. If you have seven minutes to spare and would like to take a look inside the process of publishing a photo book, here’s your chance.

This clip was mentioned in a Macau Daily Times column shortly after it was released.

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The second video is this flipbook representation of the finished title. Covering three hundred pages in fifty seconds, this is probably the fastest possible way to absorb such a wide-ranging glimpse of Macau.

Third is this time-lapse film of the official Macau book launch event in December 2011. If you truly wanted to attend the event but were unable, this is the next best thing (wine and cheese not included).