Portrait of photographer David Hartung in Macau, China.

David Hartung

Since first venturing into Asia over twenty five years ago, David Hartung has assembled a large body of work documenting the region. From images of riots in south Korea in the 1980s and Taiwan’s rise to democracy, to Macau’s ascension to its place as a gaming nirvana, Hartung has photographed many of the region’s pivotal moments, important leaders, and stunning locations.

Following stints in Taiwan and Shanghai, Hartung co-founded Destination Macau magazine over five years ago. His posting in Macau quickly led to a collection of photographs of the city-state encompassing an uncommon breadth and variety of subjects and localities. Gaming dens, luxury resorts, exclusive restaurants and traditional festivals all come ablaze in Hartung’s photographs of the area.

With the publication of Hartung’s book Macau: Work in Progress, this slice of Asian history is now available for delivery to your doorstop.

Hartung’s photographs have appeared publications including Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Businessweek, and the Wall Street Journal. His images have illustrated many books about Asia including a National Geographic guidebook to Taiwan.